• Over twenty-one years experience in electronic/tabletop game industry.  Shipped over 17 game titles.
  • Passionate Art Instructor at internationally reknown schools.
  • Committed to quality and innovative art designs, aesthetics, and execution.
  • Recognized for skills applicable to all aspects of art production including directing/managing, concept, prototyping, production, post-production, intellectual property development, and brand identity development and maintenance.
  • Proven ability to integrate and communicate clearly with peers.
  • Valued for skillfully managing teams of in house and contract artists.
  • Consistent history of effectively producing and delivering art content on time.
  • Counted upon for organized ownership of tasks and driven attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates mastery of 2D and 3D applications (Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects) with extensive experience in Unreal, Unity, ZBrush, and Nuke.


Art & Creative Director/Photographer/Owner, Lizard Brain Studio, Kirkland WA             2011-Present
Providing local indie game studios with art direction, artist management, and creating high quality art assets while maintaining the brand identity of the game property. Creating original IPs and indie game titles. Supplying high quality photography and photographic art direction to a variety of clients.

Adjucnt Art Professor, Academy of Interactive Entertainment and DigiPen                      2014-Present
Currently teaching at the AIE where I teach Short Film Production and VFX for the Screen and Media Department. I'm also teaching Film 210 at DigiPen where I instruct students on Cinematography for Visual Effects.

Art Director, Boldman Creative Group, Kirkland WA                                                     2011-2013
Creating new and exciting internal intellectual properties as well as for clients. Researching and developing strategies for ancillary markets including games, novels, graphic novels, toys, and TV shows.

Art Director, Boldman Creative Solutions, Kirkland WA                                                 2011-2013
Established relationships with local video game companies to supply them with contract artists and providing/managing art assets as a virtual studio as well as other custom art solutions. Provided career counseling and portfolio reviews to artists.

Senior Environment Artist,Sony Online Entertainment, Bellevue WA                                2008-2011
Managed small team of 2-6 in house and outsourced artists while owning and managing map/level spaces.  Created highly detailed maps/levels from prototype “white boxing”, propping, making high quality 3d/texture assets, shader design, lighting, post process, optimization, and final polish.  Collaborated with Game Designers daily to produce fun levels that met design criteria.  All maps were gold master quality and finished on schedule.

3d Mechanical Artist/Terrain Artist, Gas Powered Games, Redmond WA                          2006-2008
Collaborated with Art Lead on establishing design aesthetics and mechanical designs for new Sci-Fi property.  Collaborated with Lead Designers to create innovative maps and game play.  Created high quality in game and high resolution 3d models and textures for in-game art assets and cinematics. 

Studio Manager: Digital Sculpting,WizKids Games, Bellevue WA                                      2003-2006
Managed and directed small team of 4-8 digital/hand sculptors and concept artists for MechWarrior property by establishing, and maintaining innovative visual style and continuity for 2D/3D designs which resulted in a 20% increase in sales. 
Assisted WizKids President, General Art Director, Game Designers, R&D Group, Marketing, and Project Manager with creating and managing quality CG content and physical sculpts for game components, game content, advertisement, packaging, television, and film.  Spearheaded efforts with Production Manager on effective streamlining of production cost without sacrificing product quality.  Successfully trained Chinese outsourced contractors to maintain quality of hand sculpts.

3D Artist, Microsoft, Redmond WA                                                                                  1999-2003
Championed efforts between MS Marketing group and MS Games group to create unified brand identities for several game titles.  Partnered with Creative Director as part of a small group of 4 artists to assist several game departments to create and art direct a variety of 2D/3D in-game and cinematic assets for their respective game titles.  Assisted Creative Director to create highly innovative game genre called Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) for the movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and established partnerships with external vendors to support ARG resulting in notoriety by many movie and game industry publications.

Artist, Virtual World Entertainment/FASA Interactive, Chicago, IL                                    1992-1999
Assisted Art Leads and Marketing Director to create a variety of 2d/3d assets for in game content, User Interface, and marketing support material.


Other Relevant Experience 

Guest Lecturer at IGDA, Academy of Interactive Entertainment, DigiPen and Art Institute -
Given lectures to students at DigiPen on effective and positive communication between Artists and Programmers in a game development environment.  Critiqued student's individual and team projects, provided actionable feedback, and taught techniques to improve quality of assigned art assets resulting in improved final portfolios.

Artist Mentor -
Providing direction and guidance to junior artists by:

  • Instructing on the fundamental understanding of the intellectual property being developed in order to have unified visual assets of the property.
  • Teaching organization and ownership of tasks.
  • Planning and communicating efficient strategies for completing assignments.
  • Evaluating and assuring the proper tools and skill sets to complete the job.
  • Specifying and communicating the exactly what is required for the deliverable and proper procedure for doing so.
  • Explored long term goals of junior artists for their career development.
  • Critiquing and providing actionable feedback on their portfolios.

Art Docent for Elementary School
Volunteer at Elementary School as an art docent providing children with basic foundations of artistic principals, demonstrating basic artistic techniques, and providing thoughful insight to the art and influences of different artists and cultures.

Microsoft H.I.V.E (Highly Interactive Viral Entertainment) -
Collaborated with a small group of artists and game designers that created high risk properties and deliver them in different forms of media i.e. PC, FAX, email, cellular phone, live events while established working relationships with television/movie industry.  This group also created and established a new game play experience called Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG).

Microsoft Intellectual Properties Group, Concept Development Group -
Instrumental in changing the Microsoft Games Studio culture to understand the time and money saving value in the creation of proof of concepts, game prototypes, and the expansion of Intellectual Properties into other forms of media such as books, movies, and toys. Pioneered the practice of a visual style guide to keep proper visual continuity for developers and external vendors i.e. toy manufactures and comic publishers.

Featured Artist for NewTek Magazine -
Interviewed by NewTek Magazine about the art work created for WizKids using LightWave 3d and discussed the aspects of using the LightWave 3d software.

Game Titles  

  • Unannounced Titles - Art Directed in game weapons and characters for indie developer
  • Castle Miner Z (Xbox) - Art Directed in game weapon expantion set
  • The Agency (PS3)
  • Demigod (PC)
  • Space Siege (PC)
  • Supreme Commander (PC)
  • MechWarrior (Collectible Miniatures Game) – Art Directed
  • A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Possession (Web) - Co-Art Director
  • Distant Worlds (Xbox 2) - Art Directed
  • C.S.I. Interactive (PC)


  • Halo (Xbox)
  • Crimson Skies (Xbox)
  • Crimson Skies (PC)
  • MechWarrior 4 (PC)
  • Quantum Redshift (Xbox) - Art Directed character designs
  • MechCommander 2 (PC)
  • MechCommander (PC)
  • MechWarrior 3 (PC)
  • Crimson Skies (Board Game)
  • Red Planet (VR)
  • BattleTech (VR)