Here are some samples of the projects I have art directed.

  • MechWarrior Collectible Miniatures Game: As the Art Director for the MechWarrior franchise I was responsible for managing up to 8 on site and regional artists/sculptors. My duties included: Updating all of the 'Mech and vehicle designs from a very outdated look to a 21st century standard, maintaining and enforcing a design aesthetic and quality consistently across the line, find ways to improve our margins without sacrificing product quality, establish and maintain relationships with licensors, collaberating with the Senior Art Director on packagina and promotional materials, help maintain customer relations, and establish direction, quality, and oversight to our Chinese factory for production.
  • Digital DNA Games: I have Art Directed for my client DDNA on a variety of games and expansions. I managed a small team of remote artists for weapons, characters, and virtual box art/brand identity. The challenge was coordinating a consistent visual style across all artists while not being in the same office. That required constant communication and regular check-ins. All projects were continually on time and within the projected budget.
  • Quantum Redshift: I art directed the characters designs and logos with a small team of artists. The challenge was to coordinate with the main dev team which was located offsite. Communication with the overall game director and the off site team was key to the success of this portion of the game.
  • HIVE: In the Microsoft Highly Interactive Viral Entertainment group we were charged with assisting internal producers in creating the visuals for new intellectual properties, style guides, and pitch kits. The challenge was having a very fast turnaround and short itteration time. Clear communication with the producers was essential in creating quality content.